Hand made Production

Handcrafted 100% made in Italy.

The Tuscan vegetable tanned leather is a material of high quality, unique, inimitable, which gives unmistakable sensations.

The precious artisan tradition – now blend of old recipes and advanced technology – is in fact passed down for centuries by master Tuscan tanners with a manufacturing process, entirely ecological, based on the use of natural tannins taken from trees.

A process that characterizes this skin for its “scent of leather”, for the warm colors, the greater consistency of the skin that makes it resistant to water and which absorbs over time the traces of our lives, becoming more beautiful while getting older.

The buttons are made of brass, turned by hand and engraved with two letters: B = be, deliberately hidden inside because it is about being and not based on appearances on which the philosophy of BeConvertible is based.

Italian craftsmanship are conjugated with those of many other countries of the world (thus integrating the different cultures) as the tissues of the handles of the Limited Edition collection are sought, some are ancient and have different backgrounds.

The Indians one are embroidered by hand, others are ancient Turkish braids or weaves, other come from Mongolia (velvets and silks of traditional costumes), while the idea of using fabrics with prints of wallpapers Morris comes from England.

That is why it is possible to create very different bags, each with their own identity, bags that are the expression of elegance but, at the same time, of a philosophy and a way of life.