Do you remember the accessories of long-ago? Beautiful, very beautiful. And resistant.
Made to last forever. And yes, this is the starting point.

BeConvertible marks a sudden change in direction, towards the female image based more on being that on appearances.

BeConvertible proposes a return to elegance based on simple lines, almost archetypal, but are objects that keep account the need for change in our times. The brand BeConvertible wants to be an invitation in this direction.

The consistency of the first production of this line of bags is combined with innovation and the ability to customize and transform:



When you buy a bag BeConvertible a world of choice gets open: over time the purchase of other handles in different materials and colors makes the bag versatile for all occasions and look that, thanks to the system of internal buttons, you can change not only the shape and type of use of the bag (by hand or shoulder bag and a clutch bag from shoulder to folder/backpack) but also the finishing and the color, adapting it to the dress worn.

Bags of the highest quality so carefully crafted in details and with many interchangeable handles to make them unique and different every day and sometimes – in the case of the Limited Edition handles -, bags able to become leaders, much more than a simple accessory.

BeConvertible bags are only the first step in a series af accessories “convertible”, in which the desire for uniqueness meet the transformation underway.