About us

BeConvertible is an idea of Camilla Vinciguerra.

Born in Milano in 1988, she graduated from the Marangoni Institute in 2010.

By working in the office style of Luisa Beccaria and Fontana 1915, she approached the world of class craft made in Italy.

BeConvertible brand has existed for over a year.


BeConvertible is a line of accessories to which get fond, born to last a lifetime and strongly characterized.

Camilla has thought to her need and has transformed it into a first accessory: The Bag. Bags are in fact today recognized as a very significant appendix and have an important role in the construction of our own image.

The constant search for new handles make the bags BeConvertible always adaptable overtime, allowing their owners to give the bases for different uses, new forms and new style.

The creative idea starts from the observation of the past but imagine the future.

BeConvertible holds the dream of being able to transform objects: one contains others.